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Homegirls and Hand Grenades

Zora presents Homegirls and Handgrenades

There are many ways to celebrate women during Women’s History Month. We’ve decided to join the festivities by releasing our very first mix! Because really, what’s a celebration without dancing? Crafted by DJ RUN P., Homegirls and Handgrenades is an hour long groove that you will undoubtedly have on repeat long after the month is […]


Disparate: A Curator’s Reflection

On January 18th, Disparate, curated by our very own Jess, opened at The Pieter Performance Space in LA. In this piece, she offers a short reflection on the experience ******  I feel most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white background – Zora Neale Hurston As a curator, I seek to explore the […]

Guest Post: What Happens to Old Boyfriends by Lauren R.D. Fox

What happens to old boyfriends? Do they shrivel up and become someone else’s love? Will they taste better after you’ve licked all their expensive cologne off of their necks? What happens to the space you two used to occupy? Do they take different trains? Will you try to duck and dodge them on the 4 […]

Colored Girls Hustle Hard

I recently learned of an awesome fundraising campaign that you all should know about Zora Fam! Colored Girls Hustle, advocates of black girl self care, self expression and creators of  dope handmade jewelry, are making a mixtape and they need your help to do it! Rooted in the principles of wellness, collaborative economics, and imagination, […]

Around Town and Around The Web: Zora in NYC and NOLA

This Saturday we will be at The 3rd Annual Sisterhood Summit presented by The Black Girl Project. This year’s theme is Digital Daughters: Black Girls Bridging the Divide. The editorial team will be leading a digital storytelling workshop exploring the various ways black girls have used digital platforms to tell their stories out loud and around […]

Call For Submissions

We’re  currently accepting submissions to feature on our site. The theme? Praying To Our Gods: Black Women, Spirituality, and Faith Practice Essays on faith, spirituality and identity are welcomed. We are especially interested in writings that explore the relationship between faith, feminism, sexuality and other social dynamics as well as writing that interrogates the complexities of […]

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