Zora began life in April 2010 as Zora & Alice. We looked around the digital landscape of publications for women of color, and what we saw was underwhelming. We wanted to be the change media we wished to see, and decided to launch a digital voice for black women. Since that time, we’ve undergone a few makeovers but what has never changed changed is our commitment to the telling the diverse stories of Black women throughout the world. In the past few years, we’ve focused on quarterly issues, and ZoraTalks, a video interview series highlighting black women creating the world they wish to see.

However, after five years of publishing, we have decided to say goodbye. Zora has been an important platform to us – a platform through which we have grown tremendously. Yet, as our lives change, we realize that our ability to ensure consistent, thoughtful, and timely publication has also changed. Rather than drag the publication idly along, we decided it best to sunset.

While Zora is ending for now, we know that endings are rarely final, and would be open to passing the torch to individuals or organizations who have a strong vision for the future of the publication. We also plan to keep this amazing archive of content around indefinitely. We especially recommend our past issues, mixes, ZoraTalks, and best of, where we’ve highlighted some of our favorite writings of the past 5 years.

We’re grateful for the many amazing women who have contributed to Zora and partnered with us over the years including: Arielle Loren, Patrice Peck, Ebony Golden, Aiesha Turman, Angelique V. Nixon, Rosamond King, Asia Dorsey, Kelly Thomas, Arisa White, Tara Betts, Metta Sama, Rose Gorman, Joshunda Sanders, adrienne maree brown, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, Tiffany Latrice, Maame- Yaa Aforo, Bianca Jones, Racquel Goodison, Nneka Okona, Jamila Aisha Brown, Renina Jarmon, DJ Mekeva McNeil, Monique East, Opeola Bukola, Martice Sutton, Bianca Laureano, Lexi Butler, Ikhlas Saleem and Tasha Robinson.

Thanks for being part of our community!

Ope, Jess, & The Zora Editorial Team